Thursday, February 17, 2005

I just came across this article. Apparently the Christian Right recently woke up to the fact that protecting nature and trying to save the planet may in fact be something God would heartily endorse. (!!!).

Great, but perhaps the bigger question is why is this story just being reported now? The article mentions meetings on this subject were held last fall, prior to the November election. Were these meetings top secret? Did the "liberal" press not report these meetings for fear of influencing the election (similar to how they didn't report on Bush's listening device worn during the debate)? Could it be Evangelicals are politically-driven and kept such meetings hush-hush?

As mentioned in the article, Rev. Ted Haggard, president of a 30-million membership of Evangelicals, proclaims "The environment is a values issue." Duh! Why wasn't this kind of a statement ringing from all churches and places of worship prior to the election? I certainly didn't hear it and as I mentioned, we read it nowhere in the press. Sorry, but the fact that numerous Christian leaders (many cited in this article) chose to keep quiet and not voice such pro-environment opinions is all the evidence you need: these supposedly non-political folks are just that -- extremely political.

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