Monday, February 21, 2005

CONDI IN 2008!

You go girl! This news is more of a sweet dream to the Dems than Hillary in '08 to the GOP -- by far. Doc Rice has so much damaging baggage, lies, distortions and examples of sheer incompetence that Dean et al won't know where to start.

Oh please, oh please, oh please make this happen....

Meanwhile, GW & Co. continue to twist and distort the words of FDR for political gain. Isn't this former president -- long dead -- the poster boy for r-wingnuts as the worst White House inhabitant in American history? Yet, that doesn't stop them from doing what they do best: fabricating "facts" and distorting as much as possible as means to achieve an end. Imagine the outcry if Dems did this with Reagan's words and image.

Oliphant writes about the daughter of Alan Keyes, who recently came out and announced she was gay. Leaving aside this comparison with Dick Cheney (who likewise has a gay daughter), apparently Alan is "abandoning" his daughter because of this revelation. Despicable. Are we to believe that up till now, Alan had no idea of the sexual orientation of his daughter? Oh c'mon now. He's from the family-values party, where one would expect he'd know such things about a family member. I surmise all of this disowning language is more typical red meat thrown to religious kooks to whom he must please as he depends on them for what's left of his political career. Also, it's another example of care for the unborn -- the already-born be damned. So, there's a foundation (The Point Foundation) specifically established to help out children who have been abandoned by parents because they're gay. Incredible.

Compare this to the Bush tapes recently released:
Early on, though, Mr. Bush appeared most worried that Christian conservatives would object to his determination not to criticize gay people. "I think he wants me to attack homosexuals," Mr. Bush said after meeting James Robison, a prominent evangelical minister in Texas.

But Mr. Bush said he did not intend to change his position. He said he told Mr. Robison: "Look, James, I got to tell you two things right off the bat. One, I'm not going to kick gays, because I'm a sinner. How can I differentiate sin?"

Later, he read aloud an aide's report from a convention of the Christian Coalition, a conservative political group: "This crowd uses gays as the enemy. It's hard to distinguish between fear of the homosexual political agenda and fear of homosexuality, however."

"This is an issue I have been trying to downplay," Mr. Bush said. "I think it is bad for Republicans to be kicking gays."
So, it appears as if GW does not really have an issue with gays per se but rather is under pressure from the Christian Right to "kick gays." But I thought GW was supposed to be Captain Political Courage, who made the hard choices and stood up for what he truly believed in? Oh yeah, right. He's just another political schmuck who will eat shit to win votes. Courage my ass.

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