Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"We Accept & Embrace All (as long as you're not a liberal and/or staunch Dem)"

Amy Sullivan:
Those of you interested in news from the world of religion and politics might want to stop by (headed by Washington Monthly contributing editor Steve Waldman), where I'm the liberal blogger for the week. Today you can read about the revelatory New York Times article reporting that conservatives don't believe Hillary Clinton when she talks about faith and morality. They think she's a big faker. Here's a tip for our friends at the Times: Conservatives also don't believe Hillary Clinton when she says the sky is blue or that two plus two equals four.
But they'll believe GW if he claims Iraq has WMD, Social Security is in crisis mode, that global warming is bunk, that he's an environmentalist, that he's a uniter not a divider, and other such complete nonsense.

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