Thursday, May 12, 2005

Does anyone still believe that the Republicans stand for smaller government? If you do, first what are you smoking, and second take a good hard look at the following charts.


The yellow bars represent spending cut bills and the orange bars represent spending increase bills, with the green line representing the net difference between spending increase bills to spending cut bills. The 103rd through 106th Congress = Clinton and the 107th through 108th = GW.

Hmm, very interesting. As I tilt my glasses to make sure I'm seeing things correctly, gosh darn if I don't observe that the orange bars are at new highs under GW (higher spending) and the yellow bars at new lows (less spending cuts) when compared to Clinton. This trend is made evident with the green line at its highest level.

And this expression of determined fiscal discipline occurred during the time of a GOP-ruled White House, Senate, and House of Reps. Without one veto from I-make-tough-choices Bush. Is it any wonder our federal deficit is over $400 bil. (not incl. Iraq)?!

The entire GOP is a sham.

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