Sunday, May 08, 2005

Here are some interesting figures from the heavily-Bush-favoring American Enterprise Institute:

Judicial Nominations
Percent of nominees confirmed

Carter: 93.1%
Reagan: 96.1%
Bush I: 78.1%
Clinton: 87.9%
Bush II: 96.6%

Study these numbers and remember them the next time a GOP wingnut rattles off that tripe about GW getting the shaft from the Dems when it comes to his judicial choices. Bullshit. His father got it much worse (!), with Clinton coming in 2nd worse.

It's just more lies and deception being spun to the fact-deprived public. Also, the GOP is so far over the edge drunk with power that because GW's number is not 100% (but rather just short of 97%) it's enough for them to bitch and complain.

Serenity now!

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