Sunday, May 01, 2005

Has anyone noticed how Frist's Justice Sunday (JS) appearance -- reminder, not too long ago -- just came and went, with not much hoopla carry-over. Yes, there was lots of noise and buzz before the event, but notice how it's all just faded away.

Some will say this is due to many Republicans, including Bush, have distanced and even criticized JS. I disagree because as I've been writing, the GOP has been working this nonsense for some time now, conducting something truly extreme to appease a far-right voting bloc, and then later attempt to apologize it away, with wishy-washy statements.

No, I believe much more of this resulting silence has to do with Frist's clear lack of presence and charisma. If you ever have insomnia, watch his appearance, it will do the trick. To think he actually has designs on the highest office in 2008 is near laughable. He makes Kerry look like the comedian Gallagher. Completely humorless, stolid, and frankly, scary in his willingness to pander to the most extreme fringes of his party. And speaking of laughable, need I remind that the Dems will have ready and loaded Frist's video tape diagnosis shenanigans he performed on Schiavo -- something no politician, much less M.D., should live down.

By the way, get a load of this complete flip-flop by the Family Research Council, a sponsor of JS. This group strongly supported the filibuster when it came to holding up a gay Clinton nominee.

Always have been, always will be, a bunch of blatant hypocrites. Worse yet, it's the morons in the general public who back and support this group that are truly to blame. If memory serves, Jesus spoke out MUCH against hypocrisy....

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