Monday, May 16, 2005

Part of me can't help but appreciate the irony of a White House which took the country to war on shaky (and later discredited) evidence going to war against a news organization that published a short article on shaky evidence.

But set that aside.

I haven't followed every particular about the case of this blow-up over the article in Newsweek. But I do see a clear pattern -- a White House trying to decapitate another news organization. -- Josh Marshall
As I wrote, "I find it curious that the White House is bashing Newsweek before receiving more facts on the matter." Josh offers up a hint.

Oh, and as more proof that the GOP treats the public like a bunch of ignorant morons, Josh reports that the Republicans have circulated a memo stating, among other things, to refer to the "nuclear option" as instead the "constitutional option." That's it, somewhere they tested (polled) a bunch of words on some people people off the street to see what was deemed offensive and what wasn't. If you believe otherwise, you're a fool. The GOP has mastered advertising tactics better than many on Madison Ave. -- it's one of Rove's sinister gifts.

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