Sunday, May 15, 2005

A few others have written about LA Times columnist David Gelernter. Let's just say he makes David Brooks appear to be blessed with lucid reason. Gelernter is the poster boy for the right-wing lunatic fringe. With his column last week, Michael Kinsley (his boss) must've really been chuckling.

He starts out bemoaning the many troubles with public schools (despite other studies saying quite the opposite), and yet we finally arrive at the core truth that irks him so: public schools are liberal bastions. Of course! It was just a matter of time until I got to the oft-mentioned wingnut gripe about higher education in general: they're all pinko, commie, leftie, socialist breeding grounds. Sigh.

Better to send your kids to those academic stalwarts Liberty U. or Bob Jones U., two schools that oddly enough never appear on any "Best of" lists. Oh, right, that's because the people behind such lists are leftist, commie, pinko....

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