Monday, May 23, 2005

It's been quite a long time since I've mentioned Mike Malloy's radio show up here. He can be heard on Air America and also at White Rose Society.

Mike is perhaps the best liberal -- or as he calls it, truth-seeking -- radio personality in the country. He consistently keeps things interesting, pulls no punches, while still making sure his content is accurate, nearly always citing sources for all items mentioned. Compare that to Rush, who has given rise to web sites that are dedicated to correcting his many lies and distortions spoken on a daily basis. And unlike Rush, Mike often speaks at length about one topic, going over it thoroughly, as opposed to Rush's chop-shop smears and snarky one-liners before off to tons of commercials.

As an example, one of Mike's recent shows had him open with the reminder that it's been 19 days since the publication (in the UK) of the Downing Street Memo. Never heard of it? Exactly his point as he rightly states that it should've been the front-page story in every major newspaper in this country (esp. since they're all liberal-biased, right?). But no, no calls for resignations, no calls for investigations, not a peep (recall Clinton's Watergate bullsh*t would make the front pages often).

He then moves on to state that Norm Coleman's committee has scrubbed, or deleted, any sign of testimony from George Galloway, as if it didn't happen (oh, but it certainly did). That's it Norm, lie to the American public, deceive, do whatever it takes to save face. Pathetic worm.

That's all in the first five minutes of his show. Terrific stuff.

Another thing I haven't touched on in quite a long time, this graphic:

Note in the lower left corner, "Mission Accomplished" 5/1/03.

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