Monday, September 19, 2005

A Fiscal Runaway Train

So we have GW pledging $200+ bil. to Katrina recovery efforts, a federal deficit of $500+ bil., the cost of the Iraq occupation estimated to be $400-600 bil. by 2010, combine all of this with billions upon billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy. Throw in boondoggle bills, like this last energy bill which has more gratuitous pork than purposeful spending. Finally, energy prices are zooming up, laying the foundation for an economic recession, which would translate into even less tax revenue to pay for the spending.

How ironic to have a GOP president with the nation's financial house in such a mess. I thought it was the "tax and spend" liberals that were supposed to do this? Yet, if memory serves, it was Clinton who successfully attained fiscal prudence and grew the economy (tremendously).

GW has simply rewarded friends (cronies), pure and simple. He cut their taxes and rewards them with legislative graft in the form of federal outlays, pork projects, privatization efforts, etc. It's got nothing to do with large or small government; rather, just greasing the palms of buddies at our expense.

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