Monday, September 12, 2005

  • "Key rebuilding projects in Iraq are grinding to a halt because American money is running out." Just wonderful. If we're scaling back and can't pay for projects in Iraq, what does this say about available dollars for the Katrina disaster? Yet Republicans still plan to slash services -- as well as $70 bil. more in taxes for the rich. The Dems should increasingly make the tax cuts more of a lightning rod / bugaboo issue for GW and the GOP.

  • Hurricane Simulation Predicted 61,290 Dead.

  • 25 Mind-Numbingly Dumb Quotes About Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath.

  • Many cities are like New Orleans in that they're dependent on frail, underfunded levees. And recall that our infrastructure in this country is in need of a $1.6 trillion fix-up (and this was before Katrina's damage). Instead, we send hundreds of billions to Iraq, and cut billions more in taxes for the rich.

  • Iran is getting stronger. And what if Iran turned off the oil spigot to the U.S.? Strategically, now would be as good a time as ever for them, with gas at the pump over $3.

  • Now lets see if he fires many others who need to go.
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