Friday, September 09, 2005

Mike Malloy played a clip of OxyMoron (Rush Limbaugh) saying the yokels in the Katrina debacle should drown in their own showers. Rush assumed an African-American caller was 1) speaking for his race, not himself (a racist assumption), and 2) that this person was asserting the disaster was due to racism.

First off, it never fails that Rush (or his type on the radio) simply assume that any minority caller voices opinions not representative of only that person, but rather of the entire race. It's Rush who jumps to the racist conclusion that only white people can state views that are their own -- not meant to be cast as race-based general statements.

But more so, it's the Republicans who all speak for each other via talking points memos. A recent example: they've all been spouting about how newspapers had the headline, "New Orleans Dodges A Bullet." Homeland chief Chertoff repeated this, then Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers, and several Bush lackeys on TV, all stating this exact same sound bite. What newspapers are they talking about? You'd think they'd be citing the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Do a Google search and you'll come up with not one major newspaper having this headline -- they lied! Surprise!

The point is it's not a coincidence. They all get the same daily memo (from Rove) laying down the sound bites, buzz words, talking points for the day. Go on the air and regurgitate the lies and distortions. Happens everyday.

Hannity is notorious for repeating outright falsehoods, then being corrected, only to repeat the same lies the next day. Same with O'Reilly, Rush, etc. Just more of the hypocrisy we've come to expect from these louts.

And if there's any racism going on here, how about the fact that FEMA's plan did not consider the poor population, that approx. 30% are in poverty and over 100,000 people do not own a car? It's like trying to open a beer bottle with a fork: wrong tactic/tool for the reality of the situation.

Also, what about Barb Bush? Not just her comment that Katrina was a stroke of good fortune for these not-so-rich Americans, but her fear ("it's scary") that these minorities would perhaps stay and reside in Texas.

She raised King George and it's extremely evident. Arrogance, no compassion, twisted reality -- it obviously runs in the family.

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