Tuesday, September 27, 2005

  • "Most corrupt" in Congress listed. Eleven of the 13 are Republicans.

  • GW is reportedly getting ready to push a second energy bill, with the main focus being easing of regulations on refiners. In other words, to allow them to pollute at will. Oh, and as I've been saying, once again no mention of conservation in the form of public policy.

  • From NewDonkey.com: "What a process. Enact unnecessary tax cuts, mostly for people who don't need them. Spend like a drunken sailor. Borrow money from foreign governments and future generations. And when the red ink mounts to a degree that your own political base gets disgusted, then get out there and spin!

    If Democrats can't figure out how to exploit the ongoing tragi-comedy of Republican fiscal policy, then we don't deserve power."

  • Many are asking: is GW drinking again? Apparently it's OK to know about Clinton's BJs, but to ask this question about GW -- an admitted alcoholic -- is seemingly beyond the pale to many (not me!).
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