Friday, September 02, 2005

For those of us in states that receive a great deal of snowfall, each winter we're used to reading at least one if not more stories like this one, where with each bad snowstorm a public official does not respond fast enough in clearing the snow and tragedy results. In nearly every case, the official(s) is forced to resign.

Is the public official ever blamed for causing the snow to fall? No. The resignation comes due to failure to carry out one's duties in safeguarding and protecting the public. The person f*cked up and is held accountable.

We never hear of anyone complain -- no matter the political persuasion -- when such officials are fired. So why do we hear it now with Bush? The federal government's response to Katrina's devastation was horrendously abysmal. It ranks right up there with his response time immediately following the 9-11 attacks (recall he continued to read the children's book).

The criticism directed at him concerning this historic disaster is 100% well-deserved. Did he cause the hurricane? Of course not. Must he be held accountable for his and the government's lack of appropriate action after the fact? Absolutely. Not to mention his defunding of FEMA over the last few years and squandering valuable national resources (National Guard, hundreds of billions of US taxpayer's money, etc.) in Iraq.

Thankfully, the American public is rightfully pissed off, disgusted, and ashamed. We won't have to wait for the spineless Democrats to finally speak out.

Let's see Karl Rove attempt to spin this one away.

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