Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Many are calling Cindy Sheehan the leader of the growing "antiwar movement." I would argue that this description is a bit misleading. Rather than antiwar per say I'd say she's more anti-Bush or even anti-neocon.

Sheehan, and most of America, would not be against this war as vehemently as they are if the blood spilled and lives lost were for a just and noble cause, but even more so if it was based on upfront honesty. Thanks to the DSMs as well as Joe Wilson, Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, etc., we know this war is not like any war before it when it comes to how and why it was started.

Oh, and for those who state that King George can't meet with Sheehan because then he'll have to meet with all of the U.S. soldier widows out of fairness (?), I ask how is it he could meet with Lance Armstrong for a 2-hour bike ride and yet didn't hesitate for fear that he'd have to meet with many, many other professional athletes (you know, to be fair to them)?

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