Wednesday, August 24, 2005

  • Oh look at that, tonight on Pat Robertson's "700 Club" show who do I see him interviewing. Someone religious? Nope. Instead, Edwin Meese, former US Attorney General under Reagan, and their discussion? Nope, not the Bible but rather getting Roberts to the Supreme Court. Meese himself must have uttered the phrase "left wing" about a dozen times. Then later in the program Pat is seen promoting a diet drink with his name on it. Robertson's show is about as religious-oriented as FOX News is "fair and balanced."

  • More environmental federalism. State by state, we can improve the environment despite GW's efforts to the contrary.

  • Unlike its opinion page, The Wall Street Journal can frequently get things right elsewhere in the paper. Example, with this recent fuel economy proposal, the paper's headline: "New Fuel-Economy Rules Help The Biggest Truck Makers." Calling Gregg Easterbrook....

  • With the draft of the Iraqi constitution having this, "a. No law may contradict Islamic standards. b. No law may contradict democratic standards," it drives home that first and foremost a future Iraq will apparently be a theocracy before a democracy. Ah yes, $200+ bil. and over 1800 U.S. soldiers lives for this (not counting the introduction and influx of terrorists).
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