Thursday, August 18, 2005

Two other points regarding Sheehan's waiting. First, it's Bush who has created this media circus by refusing to see her. The MSM only arrived several days after his refusal. If he just met with her from the start, it would be over.

Second, only recently has the administration lowered their expectations regarding Iraq and joined the reality-based community. Odds are if Bush was honest all along about the state of affairs with this war, he could've avoided some of the pent-up anger now seen in Sheehan and likely hundreds of other grieving wives of dead U.S. soldiers. Instead, they chose to always convey how great things were going, all the while building up the expectations of most Americans and implying a happy-ending was near and would be the final outcome.

Again, they've recently changed their tune. But that's only because to continue with the happy-face news just wasn't flying with anyone, with many a GOP politician beginning to speak out. But also this is Bush taking a page from his campaign book. Lower the public's expectations and you benefit. He did so regarding his debate skills and it paid off. He regularly receives praise for subpar results. Bush/Rove have worked to dumb-down America to the point where we expect less, demand less, and yet hope (pray?) for more. If Beavis and Butthead were able to read aloud a complete sentence without making idiotic noises, comments, or gestures, we as a country would stand and applaud! You see how it works? The public needs to see through the BS for what it is: ineptness and failure -- period.

However, given the duration of time we've been fed this overly-optimistic crap, and now the realization for many (who were buying it) that things have been and are pretty bad over there, I wouldn't be surprised if you begin to see the widows of other U.S. soldiers begin to speak out and organize. I'm certain this would be a Bush/Rove nightmare, but like much of the bad news facing this country, they brought it on themselves.

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