Thursday, August 18, 2005

In his latest column, Krugman offers up a stern and dead-serious warning: don't dare trust another thing coming from this administration. Their credibility is long dead.

As he writes, "it's important to remember what Mr. Bush tried to get away with" and how. He mentions Bush "misrepresenting his goals.... he repeatedly lied" and GW "politicized the Social Security Administration and used taxpayer money to promote a partisan agenda." We've also seen this politicizing of government with the EPA and the CIA.

Krugman's key point: "But the campaign for privatization provided an object lesson in how the administration sells its policies: by misrepresenting its goals, lying about the facts and abusing its control of government agencies. These were the same tactics used to sell both tax cuts and the Iraq war."

By now, an increasing number of Americans have come around to this fact. What took them so long is unclear, but no matter, they're seeing clearly now. Folks, it's good vs. bad, plain and simple.

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