Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some more comments regarding Cindy Sheehan....

Many on the right point to her brief meeting with Bush over a year ago. However, she has since had more time to not just grieve, but more so reflect and think with a clear head. Perhaps most importantly, she's been able to read such things as the DSMs, offering proof to long-held ugly suspicions. This war came about via lies, purposeful distortions, and prefabricated "facts" fitted to policy. She has every right to feel renewed anger since that year-ago meeting.

Also, it's one thing for a parent to lose a child to cancer or due to a car accident. Such tragic circumstances are most often mysterious, occurring for unknown reasons. There's little anyone could've done to prevent it. Such circumstances are quite different than this Iraq war.

Sheehan's critics are just another example of the right trying to silence anyone who dares to question -- much less denounce -- the King of America.

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