Thursday, August 04, 2005

  • Rove & Libby, now Rafael, many of GW's pals are being investigated for perjury. Georgie knows how to pick his buddies!

  • These guys have used the Orwellian tactic of using certain words / phrases to hide the true meaning of something so much that now they can't even get their story straight. Well, are they going to use GSAVE ("global struggle against violent extremism") or are they going to stick with TGWOT ("the global war on terror")?? C'mon guys, many of us need to know what the war in Iraq is being called lately, so we know what to believe and all.

  • This post, though a bit heavy-handed, brings up several thoughtful points.

  • Rove continues to get into deeper goo. Poor guy.

  • As I've said many times before, when the news is filled with not-so-good stuff about GW & Co., the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, and Bill Bennetts of the airwaves choose to talk about really meaningful things that are truly affecting our country -- like teen abstinence or violence in video games. Here's a perfect example.

  • Heck, Reagan's looking like a sensible moderate at this point!
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