Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We glibly call out religious fanaticism from abroad. President Bush warns us how ''small groups of fanatics or failing states could gain the power to threaten great nations, threaten the world peace. America and the entire civilized world will face this threat for decades to come.'' Bush is of course silent on the religious fanatics he is indebted to, who are on the verge of helping him change America for decades to come.

Last weekend, leaders of the Christian right held ''Justice Sunday II,'' a mega-church telecast. Speaker after speaker attacked the Supreme Court. It is not enough for them that Bush's conservative choices for lower courts are being approved. It is not enough that the high court, under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, has generally become more conservative over the last quarter century and played a key final role in Bush gaining office in the disputed 2000 election.

No, even with a court that can hardly be described as liberal, Justice Sunday was a crazed attack on the court.
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