Friday, August 12, 2005

What is the deal with the obvious confusion concerning how GW & Co. want to approach their Iraq debacle? First they try to make official one of their Orwellian word-play phrases, switching out "war on terror" for "global struggle against violent extremism" or GSAVE. However, Bush himself didn't go along with that change (doh!). GW just being his usual dopey self, or willful and knowing resistance....?

Then we have news that some troops will be withdrawn from Iraq next year, just in time to win over voters before the November election. But now we hear some military officials playing this possibility down. Well, which is it? Sounds like military strategy is butting heads with political / election year strategy -- how wonderful. Glad to see our soldiers are being used (again), this time as chess pieces. And where's Karl Rove to coordinate this mess -- could he be scrambling, occupied with other things?

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