Friday, August 05, 2005

  • "I see your true colors shining through...." Bob Novak was on CNN with James Carville and abruptly cursed and walked off the set. If you watch the video, you'll hear the anchor refer that Novak (conveniently) walked off just before they were scheduled to talk about the Plame case. It's obvious Carville can barely take Novak seriously, cracking up, chiding him. And who can blame Carville? This right-wing crank has shown signs for years that he's not exactly the most "stable" person and anyone who trusts or even quotes what he has to say about anything should -- as he should -- have their head examined.

  • "You can't handle the truth...." It took a lawsuit to force the Pentagon to show pictures of our dead U.S. soldiers. Just despicable.

  • Anything exposing Rick Santorum for what he is, namely a political creep masquerading as a religious zealot, is all good.

  • "Bush Rejects Reason Itself" Excellent column in the LA Times by Jonathan Chait. As I wrote a few days ago, Chait comments on GW's refusal to accept facts in the case of Palmeiro -- to name just one of MANY instances. Whereas Clinton's behavior with Monica was strongly criticized for "what the kids would think," no one says a word about the danger of Bush's behavior when it comes to our kids. GW makes it seem OK to just believe what you want to believe no matter what the facts may say. Bush lives in his own private Idaho -- he's our Walter Mitty, and yet he's in charge of this country!

    If Bush believed in a flat Earth, his supporters would applaud his "conviction" in the absurd notion. Sadly, it's how many in this country have devolved, where dumbing things down is embraced as they refuse to say the emperor has no brain.
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