Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A classic empty-headed statement from the right, disguised as reasonable and sensible:
"At a difficult phase in Iraq, it is especially important that the nation have a responsible, constructive opposition. Cindy Sheehan demonstrates that the Left is still incapable of providing one." -- Rich Lowry, National Review
It would be great if Mr. Lowry would offer an example or two of what he means by "responsible, constructive opposition." Citizens speaking out and voicing their views in a peaceful manner seems pretty darn responsible and constructive to me, and it's 100% American.

Of course, what Lowry truly means is now that Iraq has gradually eroded from bad to worse, there should be zero opposition. The right has always had a problem with dissent when it came to King GW, attempting to label it treason, and that's exactly what irks them about Sheehan. The fact is any opposition is bad to them and Lowry's suggestion that the Left could actually offer up a good one, so to speak, is a red herring.

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