Monday, August 01, 2005

  • As rumored, King George appoints (The Dolt) Bolton, doing so when all have left town, sneaking him in the only way possible despite the GOP controlling all branches of Congress. Quite pathetic and truly a testament to the degree to which Bolton was disliked and found to be unqualified.

    Bush said that Bolton's nomination had been supported by a majority of the Senate but that "because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves." Ah, the lies never stop. Guess that "majority" would be missing several Republicans. Also, 36 senators wrote a letter to GW stating Bolton lied when testifying and should not be appointed. But apparently 36% of the Senate equates to "a handful" to brilliant King George.

    Oh, and I thought GW would at least wait until late Friday to appoint him, doing the dirty work at the pre-weekend, slow news period. That he didn't speaks volumes about his arrogance.

    Also, just how seriously will Bolton be taken, with UN member countries fully aware that this guy is damaged goods and a 100% beneficiary of partisan favor? They're not stupid and they'll look for any chance they can to embarrass Bolton and make him a complete liability for the U.S. You dumb-ass Rush wingnuts who think he's going to "shake up the joint" and "kick some UN arse" have another thing coming.

  • Krugman pens one of his best columns yet. Must-read.

  • Read this story to see what could happen to our Social Security system if GW has his way.

  • More news about how the burden of fighting for the environment is falling on individual states, given how GW has systematically repealed many protective regulations in the name of corporate and crony payback.

  • Meanwhile, the U.S. auto manufacturers -- in their infinite wisdom -- stand to lose billions due to rising gas prices. A study points out how their mindless dependence on gas-guzzling vehicles will soon cost them dearly.

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer mentions, "We spend $7 for every air passenger on homeland security. But we spend one penny for every mass-transit rider." Hmm, I wonder if the reason could be that most mass transit is found in urban areas and most urban areas are generally Democratic. Are the folks who depend on mass transit being punished and put at risk for residing in what is typically non-GOP territory?
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