Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This morning, Howard Stern was discussing an article in the NY Times that reported about the extremely high levels of mercury in the air and water of New York. Howard was astonished to learn that the NYC water is not filtered and that the levels of mercury were in fact so high. As the researcher, David Evers, profiled in the article states, "It's far more extensive than was ever put forth to the public."

Stern rightly points out that Bush reversed many of the anti-pollution measures that were in place during the Clinton presidency. It's astonishing how many Americans continue to be shocked and surprised to learn of the increasing incidence of pollution and that their current sitting president works to allow for more pollution to occur.

I ask, given it's small children and unborn fetuses that are most at risk with regards to high mercury levels, where is the pro-life contingent to protest this harmful state of affairs? Oh, that's right, they're all about sanctimonious thinking and partisan side-taking -- not science and the facts, and genuine concern. My bad.

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