Thursday, September 29, 2005

Foreman William Gibson [says] he did his duty and that bound him to look at Tom Delay as just another Texan accused of criminal conspiracy... "I like his aggressiveness and everything, and I had nothing against the House majority man, but I felt that we had enough evidence, not only me, but the other grand jury members," Gibson said...

The evidence is there to prove Delay was involved in wrongdoing and also prove that he and his fellow grand jurors acted independent of political influence, Gibson said.

"It wasn't Mr. Earle that indicted the man. It was the 12 members of the grand jury," Gibson said.
The standard GOP line on Ronnie Earle is that he's a partisan Democrat on a political witch hunt, nothwithstanding the fact that only three of the 15 politicians Earle prosecuted prior to going after DeLay were Republicans. (Earle once even prosecuted himself because his campaign was late in filing his financial disclosures.)

In DeLay's version of reality, this makes Earle a "partisan fanatic."


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