Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Arianna, don't be surprised. Most evil psychopaths, utterly detached from reality, and yet oh-so Christian, sound like this....

A hilarious interview with Wolf Blitzer:
BLITZER: Some of your critics already have come out, and you know this quite well, and they say there are other reasons in effect right now -- that the timing of your decision, coming on the heels of a couple of your former top aides pleading guilty and now cooperating with federal prosecutors in this expanding lobbying investigation involving Jack Abramoff -- that that may have had a role to play in your decision to step down. [You think Wolfie?]

DELAY: I made this decision before I even knew that Tony Rudy was going to plead guilty. Those [critics] are people that believe in the politics of personal destruction. They've been trying to destroy my reputation for 10 years. [Mr. Clean and Innocence himself]
And then he says this:
DELAY: Well, I know I'm not a target because I know I haven't done anything wrong. I've paid lawyers. They spent four months investigating me as if they were prosecuting me -- looking through everything for the 20 years I've been in Congress, and they have found nothing that is even unethical, much less illegal.
I guess we'll see about that prediction.

Wolfie comes back:
BLITZER: The suggestion by federal prosecutors, these former aides of yours -- Tony Rudy and Michael Scanlon -- that there was, in their words, a far-reaching criminal operation being run out of your office when you were the House majority leader, that's a powerful accusation.

DELAY: No, that's a powerful indictment of what they were doing.
Oh, what a guy. He is 100% innocent (and righteous) and yet he throws his colleagues under the bus -- only they are guilty slime.
BLITZER: What would you have done differently involving your relationship with the now-indicted Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist? Looking back on that relationship that you had with him, what would you have done differently given what you know right now?

DELAY: I wouldn't have done anything differently.
Spoken like a true psychopath.

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