Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday, King GW was supposed to offer a four-point plan on how he proposed to help alleviate rising gas prices. What it turned out to be was first and foremost 15 minutes of War-on-Terror talk, followed by one main energy proposal: put a stop to the enforcement of environmental rules regarding gasoline.

It figures, if in doubt and there's a problem to be resolved, the first reaction of this administration is to throw corporations a bone. Relaxing EPA regulations on gas is not going to put a dent in the price at the pump, but of course BushCo is not going to tell you this fact.

Recall that every now and again we hear from OPEC and how they're not happy with the rising price of oil and they pledge to do something about it -- yet nothing happens. They can't provide anymore oil, they're tapped out. The supply/demand dynamic is to a point where supply is very tight and demand is high. We're using more oil than we're replacing in reserves. Get used to $3+ at the pump; below that is gone forever.

But again, we won't get such straight talk from the King. He'll continue to posture as if he's trying to help us get off our "addiction," all the while doing really nothing but demand measures that help his energy buddies, and throw around rhetoric concerning renewable energy but then underfund such research behind closed doors. Never forget that this guy is an oil company representative first, and a horrible, incompetent leader second.

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