Sunday, April 30, 2006

Has anyone noticed the interesting critiques coming from Newt Gingrich of late....? He recently had some harsh words about the lack of progress in New Orleans ("Today, if you look at the response after Katrina — and it's going to be really bad by September when we go back and have a one- year review and we realize how much of New Orleans is not fixed as of this coming September."). He's also stated that the Iraq occupation has been an "enormous mistake."

Hmm, sounds like a certain someone will be running in '08....

Oh, and for those rightwing nitwits who choose to ignore GW's recent poll numbers with the response, "nah, nah, but we won when it counted, last November," well keeping aside that times change, often dramatically, and it's typically not best to keep your head stuck in your ass, oops I mean sand, here's what Newt had to say:
I think they're [Republicans] in very serious danger of having a very bad election this fall. And I think that you have to respect — when you get poll after poll telling you basically the same thing, you have to respect the right of the American people to say they want change.
At least Newt has his head out of his ass on this topic -- too bad so many on the right are living in denial and clinging to past history.

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