Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Massachusetts is poised to become the first state to provide nearly universal health care coverage."

More signs of federalism. Thanks to GW and the GOP-controlled Congress, an increasing number of national problems are being forced to be addressed by states. Whether it be healthcare, air pollution, marriage laws, or very likely next, abortion rights, has there ever been a time when so many states have had to step in and take charge on issues that are for the most part national in scope?

What does it say about a president who either sits idly by and allows for this to happen or through his purposeful actions (and inactions) serves as the catalyst for such a trend? Where states seemingly have no choice but to act thanks to a lack of leadership at the top.

Our United States is gradually fracturing into a land divided, appearing to resemble more so a union characterized by loosely-joined independent state-nations. Much like the former USSR is now.

At a time when we're supposedly at war and you'd think if anything we should be coming together as a country, thanks to GW and this congress we're instead slowly going our separate ways. It's actually quite fitting when you think about who's in charge; they rule by creating cancerous division, mistrust, cynicism, and wedge issues.

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