Friday, April 28, 2006

  • Great to see Porter Goss has his priorities in order. His main goal at the CIA: "to re-emphasize the culture of secrecy." (Sounds like what's going on at the EPA, the big clampdown). Because that's our big problem, leaks from the agency about illegal wiretapping....

    Larry Johnson, former CIA officer, had this to say on MSNBC recently: "Porter Goss has politicized the CIA, there's no doubt. Several years ago, most of the people in the Public Affairs office were intelligence professionals. What you have there today, with the exception of one individual, most of the people up there now are political hacks."

    In short, allow the rot to remain and instead punish anyone who would dare reveal anything about said rot.

  • "Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails" -- but show us the plentiful good news!

  • Is BushCo already showing signs of bungling the avian flu threat? (""What they're proposing is nonsensical," says Tara O'Toole, director of the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.)

  • More waste and failure by Halliburton -- when will the Cheney-led favoring and insanity end?
    A few weeks later, after the project had burned up all of the $75.7 million allocated to it, the work came to a halt.

    The project, called the Fatah pipeline crossing, had been a critical element of a $2.4 billion no-bid reconstruction contract that a Halliburton subsidiary had won from the Army in 2003. The spot where about 15 pipelines crossed the Tigris had been the main link between Iraq's rich northern oil fields and the export terminals and refineries that could generate much-needed gasoline, heating fuel and revenue for Iraqis.
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