Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Newsweek:
On June 5, Libby will return to court for sentencing by Judge Reggie Walton, a no-nonsense jurist who metes out tough prison sentences and cuts no slack for white-collar defendants. Libby could get two years. His lawyers will ask that Libby be allowed to remain free while his appeals work their way through the courts. As he has in past prosecutions, Fitzgerald is likely to press for Libby to go straight to prison. "Fitz is so by-the- book he would send his own mother to jail," joked a veteran federal prosecutor who asked not to be identified talking about his colleague.
Will Bush let his fall guy sit in jail for many months, or will he grant an immediate pardon? Stay tuned.

(And after Libby's pardoned, how long before Fox News hires him as a commentator?)

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