Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just for laughs, in the morning I sometimes listen to a bit of Bill "One-Armed Bandit" Bennett's radio show. In terms of being far removed from reality, you can't do much better than Bill. He's out there.

As an example, he recently announced his GOP dream ticket in 2008: Kyl/Forbes. Yes, the far, far to the right Senator from Arizona for president and looney-tunes Forbes as VP. Yikes.

Once you get beyond the giggling, this says much about the far right's appetite for Rudy or McCain. Of course, Bennett will support either of those two over any Dem, but it's obvious from his Kyl/Forbes mention that he's not in love with the current GOP front-runners.

As much as McCain and Rudy are trying desperately to win over the extreme faction of the party -- flip-flopping like pancakes at IHOP, it still may not be working. Interesting.

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