Sunday, March 18, 2007

With presidential candidates in both parties twisting and contorting to appeal to the more conservative, right-wing factions, it's nice to see at least one resisting to bend for the sake of pandering.

Look what flip-flopping has done for McCain. As if learning from his travails in 2000, this time around the supposed maverick sold his soul to the Falwells and Dobsons on the far right only to see him gain less than when he started the whore-like behavior. It appears as if the more moderate folk in and outside the GOP rejected McCain as he morphed his positions to appeal to the radical right, and meanwhile the radical right proceeded to likewise reject McCain as they didn't trust his sudden verge to their side. In trying to please the extreme, he's ended up simply pleasing very few and thus his poll numbers have taken a nose-dive. In fact, rumors swirl that he'll eventually be forced to drop out of the race, with staff exiting and financial support waning.

Lesson well learned, and it's one Hillary should well absorb. She's been dancing with the conservatives, hoping to court their approval, while still managing to maintain her good standing with the rest in her party. It's a risky tightrope walk and if not handled deftly can lead to disaster.

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