Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time's Jay Carney offers up credit to the bloggers who maintained steadfast pursuit of the firing of federal prosecutors controversy.

However, it's all a bit troubling. Carney now admits he was wrong, that his original assumption was "the Bush White House and Justice Department were guilty of poorly executed acts of crass political patronage."

So to Carney the White House and Justice Dept. firing federal prosecutors out of "crass political patronage" was apparently not a big deal. It's only additional info he's learned since that has made him upset. Huh?

When it comes to enforcing the law, there's zero room for partisan rewards and punishment. Period. It appears as if Carney was not as alarmed by such an obvious no-no at the start -- only coming to his senses later.

Here's a classic case of something that might have flew under the radar as in years past, but instead thanks to Dem-led hearings is receiving the attention it deserves. In the process, the public -- and journalists -- are waking up.

With regards to Carney's initial yawn-like reaction, is it any wonder the MSM has remained clueless and feckless for so long concerning this administration?

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