Thursday, May 24, 2007

Apparently Monica Goodling has not a clue how those eight U.S. attorneys made it on the list to be fired. As Steve Benen writes:
You know, it is curious. These questions are pretty straightforward, but no one is able to answer them. Lawmakers asked Kyle Sampson about who drew up the list of U.S. Attorneys to be fired and how those names got on the list. Dunno, he said. They asked Alberto Gonzales. Beats me, he said. They asked Paul McNulty. Ask everybody else, he said. They asked Monica Goodling. Ask anybody else, she said.

As Kevin [Drum] put it, “Goodling is now the latest high-ranking DOJ official to say that, really, she has no idea why those U.S. Attorneys were fired last year, or who made the choices. The list appeared, somehow, but apparently not from any human hand. It’s a miracle!”

Miraculous, indeed. Here’s a wacky thought: maybe someone at the White House knows?
Karl Rove smirks on.

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