Friday, May 25, 2007

Regarding Bush's latest attempt to scare up support for the war by releasing details of alleged efforts by Osama bin Laden to plan attacks against the US from Iraq:
General Joseph Hoar, the former head of US Central Command, said Mr. Bush was returning to the tactic of instilling fear in the public by overstating the role of terrorists in Iraq. "It is important to note that there was never one [an al-Qaeda element in Iraq] prior to our invasion," said Gen Hoar.
When Bush was asked if he thought our presence in Iraq has helped Al Qaeda grow, he replied, "Oh, so, in other words, the option would have been just let Saddam Hussein stay there...And the answer is, absolutely not...See, that’s the kind of attitude — he says, okay, let’s let them live under a tyrant, and I just don’t agree."

But many people in other countries unfortunately live under awful tyrants, why isn't Bush looking to sanctimoniously free them? I'm sure he can stir up questionable intel to justify invading those countries....

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