Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bush believes our occupation in Iraq could equate to that of South Korea. He alone had to come up with this doozy of an analogy (though judging from his cadre of dunderheads, I could be wrong).

Hmm, for starters I believe South Korea was never comprised of multiple sects of people, i.e. the country has always been populated by just Koreans. That's a huge difference right there. Also, it was not at one time held together by a brutal dictator, creating an artificial unified nation. Oh, and it never had an insurgent element insuring mayhem was the natural state. Finally, our forces in South Korea were to maintain existing order and prevent an invasion from North Korea. Our troops in Iraq have been trying to achieve order for years and I don't believe they are there to prevent any sort of invasion (although Al Qaeda has made nice inroads).

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