Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Tuesday, I wrote about the many former Reagan officials who have increasingly come out with harsh words against Bush/Cheney. However, to read about one endorsing Hillary in 2008, well, what is there to say. Yes, it's that bad for the GOP.

Speaking of Reagan, Dick Polman writes:
It’s also true, of course, that this Reagan nostalgia is at odds with reality. When the candidates tonight offer their requisite praise, no doubt they’ll neglect to mention that, during Reagan’s tenure, federal spending rose by 25 percent, that the size of the federal workforce actually grew, that he raised taxes in 1982, that the size of the federal deficit doubled, and that, on the social front, he rarely gave more than lip service to the anti-abortion movement. In fact, at the time, conservative activists often joked, “It’s not that Ronald Reagan lacks principles, it’s just that he does not understand the ones he has.”
I've written here many times about the distortions of Reagan's legacy, how the right has morphed it into something they like and want to be true, as opposed to the reality of the record. Just more delusional grasping. Truly sad.

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