Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I wrote last Friday, Bush "has much time left in office and a woefully awful president who listens to no one, realizes his legacy is shit, and yet still must confront many serious problems facing this country -- well, he's very capable of doing some go-for-broke things that could really be huge whoppers, even by his standards. Brace yourself and strap in."

Steve Benen seems to agree, writing today:
A mature, sensible leader might become introspective, wondering how best to get back on track. Bush has apparently taken to whining about how unappreciated he his. As I recall, Nixon started talking the same way, right before he was driven from office.

This isn’t encouraging. In fact, if Bush starts wondering what he can do to prove everyone wrong about his greatness, this kind of thinking could get scary.
Buckle up!

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