Sunday, August 12, 2007

As for Rudy, many bloggers are mentioning Wayne Barrett's eye-opening piece. Steve Benen writes, "The entire piece -- which, if read, should effectively end Giuliani's presidential ambitions...Giuliani's decisions should be a national scandal that not only force him from the presidential race, but may even shame him permanently."

Of the many blockbuster items in the piece, the biggie is Rudy apparently desiring the WTC site as the NYC command center so that he could use it as a "convenient love nest" with Judi Nathan. Go ahead, laugh out loud, but read the article and draw your own conclusions.

Barrett writes, "Opponents, too, haven't dared to question his terror credentials, as if doing so would be an unpatriotic bow to Osama bin Laden," but all of that restraint should end in short order. Rudy's bigger-than-life myth built on a single tragic event is gradually receiving the light and lampooning it deserves. As more facts become known, none if any are complimentary to Giuliani and instead show him to be just another slimy politician, one who will do whatever it takes to grab power, to dispose of his enemies, to win. Soon the voting public will say "9/11 hero my ass!" as they recognize the true heroes to be the firemen and policemen on that fateful day, the Ground-Zero rescue workers, the U.S. soldiers, etc. -- but not the NYC mayor.

Rudy will fight this collective realization, with his usual snarl and condescension, and that will just accelerate his downfall. Just deserts, finally.

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