Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trying to catch-up after brief hiatus, but needless to say I will have more regarding the stick-a-fork-in-me Fredo Gonzo bye-bye news.

In the meantime, I'd just like to mention that on August 14th I wrote:
So why is Rove leaving? Many speculate it's so he can get ready to play a big role in the 2008 election, but he could've stayed in the White House to do that. After all, he conducted all things political while working under Bush, what would have changed?

Another guess is it could mean an indictment is coming (finally) and given all the scandals in the hopper it was deemed best for him to be already gone. Maybe.

I'll throw another potential reason out there: it could make way for Gonzo's resignation. Imagine Alberto having to quit with Rove, the boy "genius," still in power -- it would make Rove look bad. But more so, with Rove creating an exit wake he makes it more palpable for another high-up official to follow (of course, for family reasons). With Rove leaving, it creates a symbolic notion that it's over, this administration is winding down. Again, just another theory.
Rove quits and two weeks later so does Gonzo. I'm not saying they're necessarily connected, but hey, with all that I read immediately following Rove's departure I didn't read this "theory" anywhere....

One thing is for certain: the Dems best not back off and ratchet down the pressure. They should if anything increase demands in the investigations and push towards prosecution wherever appropriate. If they need help staying focused, they only have to imagine if this were Bill Clinton's mess (I know, I know, but try hard to imagine) what the GOP would be doing at this time. Yeah, right, they'd be exhausting every channel, every outlet, every last possible way to f*ck him -- only in this case they'd be doing the country a service.

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