Saturday, August 04, 2007

Interesting. The latest Fox News poll has Hillary Clinton defeating Giuliani by a 46%-41% margin. It also has Hillary defeating all other GOP candidates, notably Romney by a whopping 15%, and again need I remind this is the Fox News poll.

There is unfortunate sexism in this country that will be a hurdle for any woman to overcome when running for president -- for Hillary no different. Yet, given the woeful slate of GOP contenders, Hillary could very well cruise into the White House despite the chauvinistic stigma facing her.

Nothing against Hillary, but this current bunch of nitwits comprising the GOP secretly despise the fact that for the first time a woman could win the presidency while they're in office. It's similar to no pitcher wants to be the one to serve up Bonds' record-breaking homer. Republicans have always been heavily male-dominated and to think a woman could win the White House surely keeps them up at night.

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