Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fables & Fiction

The Iraq progress report from General Petraeus will apparently not be written by Petraeus, but rather by White House hacks. Dan Froomkin writes, "The 'Petraeus Report' instead looking more like a White House con job in the making. The Bush administration has been trying for months to restore its credibility on Iraq...But now it turns out it that White House aides will actually write the 'Petraeus Report,' not the general himself."

Yes, Bush lied (again). And if this report will be anything like the many doctored-up EPA reports, the laughable Gonzo testimony, the selling of Social Security reform, the claims of no torture, and "legal" eavesdropping, to name just a few, then next month we can look forward to hearing lots of fables and fiction about progress in Iraq.

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