Monday, August 20, 2007

In yesterday's NY Times, Adam Cohen makes the case that if the Congress does not impeach Gonzales, they will be insulting the intent of our founding fathers. That's right, the authors of our Constitution specifically put in place safeguards to address exactly what's been occurring with the Gonzo mess. It's not as if our hands are tied. The likes of Madison and Jefferson insured that we had recourse to rid the government of someone like this Attorney General.

Will Congress act, or is it simply better to have such a buffoon remain in power heading into an election year so as to tag the GOP with another albatross? These jelly-spined Dems are likely leaning with the latter, but Gonzo is undoubtedly holding back the facts on tons of wrong doing. Remove him and the Dems will soon hit the mother load of eventually-known scandals. Talk about juicy campaign material.... (Oops, forgot to mention, it also should be absolutely intolerable at any point in time to have a certifiable dunderhead heading up our legal system, at least IMHO).

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