Thursday, August 30, 2007

For me, the Larry Craig saga is infuriating for the blatant hypocrisy involved. How many more times must we witness an anti-gay Republican zealot caught in some secretive gay act? Those in the supposed party of "family values" who preach about the evils of homosexuality are very often the ones committing the "heinous" homosexual acts. As I wrote yesterday, "it's getting to where if you're adamantly against gay rights/marriage and you're a Republican, then there's a 99.9% chance that you're gay! Those Republicans definitely not gay and are against all things gay should be furious!!"

The fact that Craig as a person got caught in a bathroom looking for whatever concerns me less. It's more of a private matter for his family to deal with. In fact, if you're a resident from Idaho and you don't like what you are hearing, one can ask why you voted for him given Craig has had a long-standing history of revelations along these lines. This recent bit of news is not 100% shocking, but it has less to do with his role as a public servant.

Which brings me to what indeed is most infuriating about this incident. Many Republicans are stumbling over each other to demand that Craig resign, however where were these same Republicans to apply even some minimal pressure on Bush when all of the many scandals and lies accumulated while the GOP controlled Congress? A man is nabbed in a bathroom looking for you know what and he's suddenly the anti-Christ to the GOP, yet all the filth, slime and law-breaking behavior that went on during those six years was apparently tolerable to them, simply business as usual.

With his party slamming him hard right now, needing a sacrificial lamb given their dire straights in the polls, if Craig had any guts he would turn the tables and publicly say as much right back at them.

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