Saturday, February 09, 2008

In his most recent blog entry, Dick Polman makes (as usual) good points:

1) He points out Romney spent a whopping $125K per delegate received. You think that's bad, Rudy spent $60 million for his one delegate!

2) He believes Romney "has probably calculated that McCain will lose this year, allowing him to retool himself for 2012 as Ronald Reagan 2.0." Yes, very likely. Say what you will about Romney, he's not a complete fool and is pretty shrewd. However, that may not help him if his religion continues to be a problem in his party.

3) He says there's no way that Hillary will pick Obama as a VP and vice-versa. Initially, I thought either candidate would go for it because it would serve to synergistically juice the ticket, creating a 1+1=3 force to be reckoned with. Yet, I lost sight of the political realities of inflated egos and power struggles, as Dick plainly makes clear. Hillary is not likely to want another person (in addition to her husband) who could very well upstage her for four years. Also, if she were the nominee, she would no longer necessarily need Obama's racial appeal in November (vs. McCain?!). As for Obama picking Hillary to be VP, Polman asks what's in it for Hillary? She spent eight years in a secondary role with her husband's two terms and then spent time as senator waiting to go for the #1 spot. Will she now agree to a VP slot? Yes, Obama could use some of the Clinton name to win over X number of voters and not exactly a huge minus getting Bill along in the deal. But if Hillary says yes to VP, then that's potentially eight years of second fiddle staring at her. She may do as Romney and just retool, shooting for 2012.

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