Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've said it before I'll say it again, today's GOP is so extreme and delusional that if Ronald Reagan were alive today in sheep's clothing the party would reject him. They have fallen so in love with this myth they've created about The Gipper that they have no ability to objectively see the man for what he actually did. Frankly, Reagan of the '80s wouldn't recognize the brand of conservatism being flouted today by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Dobson and the rest of the intolerant right.

With the associated demands the base is placing on any Republican candidate to go hard right, who if anyone has a chance of getting elected by the more moderate voters in November? And what are McCain's sins? He believes in global warming, he believes in campaign finance reform, he was against the tax cuts for the wealthy before he was for them, he doesn't demonize illegal immigrants -- yeah, these are all heinous things, boo, hiss!

You hear several of the far right "thinkers" suggest that it will be better if Hillary or Obama get in the White House as opposed to McCain. The belief is all of them will be a disaster, but better for it to be a Democrat, this way allowing for a huge conservative rebound come 2012.

Uh, there might be a few problems with that assumption. For one, I'll remind the incumbent has huge advantages. We've had two-term presidents three times since just 1980 -- that's pretty amazing! So be my guest in blessing Obama or Hillary. Also, the assumption is Hillary or Obama will be a disaster -- well, we'll see. Lord knows it can't be any worse than Bush/Cheney's reign. And finally, with this expectation that people will flock to the conservatives if the next president does fail, that's a huge pipe dream. The public won't forget the eight years of Bush representing conservative rule, with all the incompetence and fascism that it wrought. If anything, the fed-up public would be more likely to go left or strong independent, towards a Bloomberg or dare I say Nader.

But go ahead Rush and Sean, you guys keep bashing McCain and assuming the Dem president will be a disaster. Based on your track records of getting things right, the Dem will do wonderfully.

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