Tuesday, February 26, 2008

With John Edwards out of the picture, I wondered who Ralph Nader would endorse next. No need to wonder anymore, Ralph has apparently endorsed himself. Yawn.

Keeping his questionable intentions aside, I'm not even sure of the logic here. Why endorse Edwards only to then run yourself? Does he want us to believe that Edwards was this vehicle for tremendous change and if not him then gosh darn it I must run? What? Look, Edwards was a terrific candidate but by no means would I have described him as the figure to revolutionize the Democratic party, at least in the ways that Nader has described in the past. Given the litany of complaints that Ralph has articulated about both political parties, calling for massive changes on a grand scale, it's clear that when he endorsed Edwards he was settling -- something he seemingly vowed he would never do. So first he caves and goes with a fairly conventional candidate, and after that doesn't work out he reverts to the all-the-parties-suck, all-the-candidates-suck, I-and-only-I-can-make-a-difference-and-thus-must-run mode.

Again, yawn.

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